Billy. Chapter 2

Sherry popped out her ear buds and ran up the stairs hearing another scream, “Mom what’s the matter?” There in the hall was her Mother and a stranger! Sherry grabbed the vase from the hall table and raised it to strike the man. He raised his hands saying, “Wait! It’s me! It’s me, Billy.” Ms. Watson just stood there, horrified. Sherry looked at Billy, then at her Mom, and then back at Billy. Shoving him she said, “No! You didn’t! I told you not to go there without me! What the hell is wrong with you?” “But Sherry, I couldn’t help it! Karen came out and said she needed my help. So I went with her, and I couldn’t find my way back.” Eddie and Grandpa appeared at the top of the stairs, both quietly listening. Ms. Watson was listening too. Sherry teared up, and reaching out to touch his face, “Oh my God Billy, you look so old.” “Billy?” asked Eddie. Ms. Watson came out of her trance, “What the hell is going on?” Pointing at Billy and looking at Sherry, “How did he get like that?” Sherry seemed to know the answers. Everyone was waiting for her, but Sherry didn’t know where to start. Ms. Watson looked at Billy and yelled, “How did you get like this?” Again, Ms. Watson screamed. “Mom calm down,” said Sherry. “Calm down?” asked Ms. Watson throwing her hands up, “What do you mean, calm down? Will someone please explain to me why my fourteen year old is now seventy-five? And who’s Karen?” “I’m sixty-four, Mom,” said Billy, “and Karen’s my daughter.” Sherry stared at Billy as if finally realizing the ramifications of her discovery, and she joined her Mother in asking, “Your daughter?” As if not wanting to hear Billy’s answer, Ms. Watson fainted.


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