Billy. Chapter 1


Hello everyone! This is my first post on this blog which will feature some creative writing and who knows what else. I’m happy you’re here, and  I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

Sherry put down her laptop to answer the door. It was Eddie. “Here to eat our food again?” “Hey Sherry, no, um is Billy around?” Eddie seemed a little more anxious than normal and so Sherry waited for him to say more, but he just stood there looking past her and fidgeting. She left the door open and went back to the couch to continue working on her essay. Eddie stepped in, closed the door, and paused unsure where to go. Grandpa was in his chair looking at his cigar and said, “He’s upstairs.” Eddie made it to the top of the stairs trying not to reveal his urgency and bumped into a tray of seedlings being carried out of the laundry room. “Oh! Hi Eddie, I’m sorry I didn’t see you. Billy is in his room.” “Hi Ms. Watson, thanks.” She picked up on Eddie’s nervousness and asked, “Is everything alright?” Eddie was careful not to look her in the eyes and fumbled with, “Yea sure, why?” He really wanted to tell her how beautiful she was and that he couldn’t find any of his friends. “Well, I haven’t heard Billy all afternoon, and usually he’s not this quiet. You two aren’t into any trouble are you? Billy! Eddie’s here!” “No Ms. Watson.” Eddie walked into Billy’s room and then came out again. He looked at the bathroom door which was wide open, and then back at Ms. Watson and said, “I don’t see him.” “Maybe he’s in the kitchen,” she said, and then louder, “Billy!” They waited. No response. Eddie went downstairs and Ms. Watson put her seedlings on the hallway table and followed. Eddie walked into the kitchen and came back out as Ms. Watson entered the living room and looked at him. Eddie shook his head and shrugged. “Sherry, where’s Billy?” “I don’t know Mom.” Grandpa looked at his cigar and then at his daughter, “He’s upstairs. He’s been up there since he got home from school.” Ms. Watson went back upstairs and began a thorough search. Again she called, “Billy?!”  A man walked out of Billy’s room and met Ms. Watson in the hallway, startling her. She froze and muttered, “Who?” He just stood there in his suit and tie looking at her. She slowly walked toward him and wondered what the hell this old man was doing in her house. As she got close enough to see his face he said, “Hi Mom.” Ms. Watson screamed.


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